Don’t waste another minute looking for a technical writer with FrameMaker experience – you’ve found one, right here. I have worked in FrameMaker for a large portion of my career, producing high quality manuals, training documentation, and .mifs for conversion to online help. So I know my way around the product.

There’s a Lot to Like about FrameMaker

If you’ve seen my photo, you will notice that I am follically challenged, thin on top, bald as a coot (well, almost). Scientists and doctors would say that is due to my genetic make-up, but I have a niggling feeling it is because I spent my early years as a tech writer working on large documents in Word. If only I could have worked in FrameMaker sooner…it could have saved my barnet!

I jest, but there is an element of truth there – my work as a technical writer certainly became a lot easier after the switch to FrameMaker. That’s not to say Word doesn’t have its place – I still produce manuals in Word today – but for long, complex technical documents, FrameMaker is, in my opinion, a more stable and superior tool. It supports DITA too (well, the latest versions do).

FrameMaker Experience is Just Part of the Package – Your Business Will Get MUCH More

But being familiar with FrameMaker isn’t the only thing you are looking for, is it? You need a technical author who understands the craft, can extract information from SMEs with ease and convert that into manuals and online help that end-users can understand. That’s exactly what I do. So check my availability, and then take the plunge – get in touch by selecting the Hire Me button below and completing the online form. I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

To get me on board, press the Hire Me button below and complete the contact form. I cover the Midlands area and can work remotely if you are further away. You can check my availability here.