You’re far more likely to find marketing pros, journalists and designers using InDesign than technical authors. That’s because, for the most part, InDesign is used for magazines, brochures, and other documents that need to use interesting layouts. But there are technical writers out there that use InDesign. And I’m one of them.

InDesign is great for creating smaller, stylish documents such as:

  • Quick Start Guides
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • User Guides*

With User Guides, InDesign is really only suitable for documents that are graphics-intensive and have a low page count (less than 100). I am told that longer, text-heavy documents are better suited to FrameMaker. I can’t comment from experience as I have never attempted to use InDesign for long manuals. I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job.

Another great thing about InDesign is that it has a wealth of layout and print options. This can help to reduce costs when using professional printers, as you can ask for their preferred settings and put them in place yourself.

InDesign for Technical Communication

Have you struggled to find a technical author with InDesign experience? I’m not surprised – it isn’t particularly widely used in technical communication circles. That’s largely because so many organisations use Word for creating technical documentation. But luckily for you, my experience goes off the track a little: I have ventured out into copywriting and web content, so have picked up freelance roles that require InDesign. Heck, that’s why I bought it (it’s not cheap!).

Your business can benefit from professional, stylish documentation without the expense of buying InDesign or paying for training – just hire me. I have my own licenced copy of InDesign and know how to use it, so what are you waiting for? Press Hire Me at the bottom of the page and get in touch.

Converting InDesign Documents into Other Formats

But then, maybe you are not looking for someone to write new content in InDesign at all. Perhaps you just need some documents converting into InDesign or converting from InDesign into another format. That’s fine, I can do that for you.

Just get in touch and let me know what type of conversion you need. The conversion process will be manual, not just a quick import, so you can be sure that the document will be formatted correctly. The document I convert for you will be as well-presented as a document I create from scratch.

The types of conversion I can help with are:

  • Word to InDesign
  • InDesign to Word
  • InDesign to Flare
  • Publisher to InDesign
  • InDesign to Publisher
  • InDesign to HTML
  • HTML to InDesign
  • PDF to InDesign
  • InDesign to PDF
  • PowerPoint to InDesign

You know what to do – hit Hire Me below and get in touch.