Accordion Menu in MadCap Flare – Part Four

UPDATE – Thanks to Nita Beck for pointing out the WordPress-introduced weirdness in the script in this section. I’ve changed the content so that you can now download the script rather than create it from scratch. I still recommend that you read through this section so that you understand how the script works.

This is Part […]

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Namespaces (XML): Learning XSLT CPD Diary

This series of XSLT posts are designed as a learning diary, to aid my Continuing Professional Development which is a requirement for fellowship status in the ISTC. I will be posting about my learning and in this post, I cover something that caused significant confusion at first – XML namespaces and how XSLT writers can […]

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Modifying the Top-Nav Skin for a Custom Flare Layout

One of the problems with Flare 11’s Top-Nav skin is that the menu isn’t really suitable for a long table of contents due to the limited amount of space. That’s led a lot of people, including me, to look at alternative approaches, and in this post, I will look at a solution I used on […]

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Change the Slider Left and Right Buttons on the Top Navigation Skin

As an online help interface, I really like Flare 11’s ‘Top Navigation’ skin. It looks modern and doesn’t use frames, but it does have some limitations when it comes to editing the user interface. One of these is the inability to change the slider buttons that allow users to scroll through the slider images. This […]

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