Using Flare’s Concept Links to Create ‘See Also’ Lists

It is important that from any topic, the reader can find everything they need to know about that topic and related topics.  Don’t assume they will use search features or contents to find other related topics – guide them there instead.

An easy way to do this in MadCap Flare is to use concept links and […]

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Technical Writer vs Copywriter vs Technical Copywriter

If you’re not part of the marketing or documentation world, it’s easy to get confused between these three common, but different, writing professions: technical writer, technical copywriter, and copywriter. You probably just know that you need a good writer, but if you’re going to make a good choice, knowing the difference between the disciplines will […]

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Modifying the Top-Nav Skin for a Custom Flare Layout

One of the problems with Flare 11’s Top-Nav skin is that the menu isn’t really suitable for a long table of contents due to the limited amount of space. That’s led a lot of people, including me, to look at alternative approaches, and in this post, I will look at a solution I used on […]

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Technical Writing Advice, Software Tips, and Opinions

Welcome to the StrayGoat Technical Communication Blog. Here, I’ll be posting technical writing advice, opinion pieces, recommendations, and explanations on how to achieve various tasks with different software tools. (The latter of which is going to be a reminder for me as much as anyone else!).

If you find the technical writing advice posts useful, […]

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About StrayGoat Techncial Author Services

StrayGoat Technical Author Services is part of StrayGoat Writing Services Ltd., an established business that is registered in the UK.

Business Registration Number: 08029184

Registered business address: Coventry Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0JS.

Based in Leicestershire, UK, StrayGoat Writing Services Ltd provides professional technical writing and copywriting services. These include technical writing for manuals, online help, wikis, […]

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Reduce Support Costs with Straygoat Technical Author Services

Imagine if you bought a product that came complete with exceptional user guides and online help. How would it feel if every time you needed a little guidance or extra information, it was right there at your finger tips, written in a clear style that is easy to understand? Even better, what if you could […]

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Manuals that Help Customers and Promote your Brand

When you hire StrayGoat to write your user guides and manuals, you get two skills for the price of one: technical writing and marketing copywriting. By using practices from both of these disciplines, I will create a manual that:

Tells your customers how to achieve their goals with your product/service
Uses language and layout that is appropriate […]

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Technical Author Qualifications – The Importance of Knowing ‘Best Practices’.

There is a misconception that to create excellent documentation, a writer needs to be a subject matter expert (SME). That’s simply not the case. In fact, having an expert knowledge can actually hinder the writing process – being an SME can make you lose sight of what your customers need, what they understand, and the […]

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Avoid Costly Mistakes with an Experienced Technical Author

Let’s face facts – the best technical authors don’t come cheap. Whether you are hiring a freelance technical writer or taking on a contract technical writer, you can expect to spend at least £25-30 per hour. So you’ll want to make sure you get value for your money, and that’s where it can pay to […]

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Online Help – Searchable Documentation that’s Available 24/7

If you are looking to reduce your support costs and enhance your relationship with your customers, online help is the way to go. I can create a searchable HTML5 online help system that you can host on your web site or include as part of your software package. But don’t assume online help is just […]

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