MadCap Flare Advanced Developer - Certified

MadCap Flare Advanced Developer

Looking for a freelance technical author with MadCap Flare experience? I could be just the man for your job. As an experienced Flare user and certified MadCap Advanced Developer, I can make sure your documentation project takes full advantage of Flare’s many time and cost-saving features.

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What’s so Great about MadCap Flare?

There are many benefits to using MadCap Flare for your documentation. Its single-sourcing capabilities mean you can reduce your documentation costs and create online help and print outputs from one set of files. That makes it so much easier, and quicker, for writers to update your content.

Here are some examples of features that have proven to be popular with my clients:

  • HTML 5 and PDF output from the same set of files – People love the fact that I can create one set of files that can be used to create a printable manual and an online help system. It is so easy to manage in Flare.
  • Snippets – Write the content once, in one place, and re-use it in as many topics as you want. Then, when it comes to updating the content, change the snippet once and that change is applied automatically, everywhere that snippet is used.
  • Conditional Text – You can choose to have content that only appears in a certain version of the documentation. For example, you can have a paragraph or topic that appears in the PDF version, but not the HTML 5 version, or you can have an instruction included for an administrator but hidden for novice users.
  • Synonyms – These are great when you have staff and customers that use lots of different terms for the same thing. By creating synonyms, you can make sure that no matter what term the user enters in the search, the relevant pages will show up as results.

Okay, so you can buy Flare – why do you need me? Well, if your writing staff are more used to traditional tools, such as MS Word or Adobe FrameMaker, Flare can be daunting at first. And to be honest, if your technical writers aren’t familiar with topic-based content, HTML, and CSS, the learning curve is going to be even steeper. Hire me as your technical writer and you can avoid those issues.

I’ve worked with Flare for several years and have:

  • Imported FrameMaker documents into Flare
  • Imported a large .chm-based online help system
  • Manually corrected the code of imported topics
  • Created CSS style sheets
  • Created stylish ‘skins’, including the v11 top navigation skin
  • Customised skins to include features that Flare doesn’t include, such as accordion menus for navigation
  • Experimented with help outside the ‘skin’, which gives greater freedom of design
  • Designed Page Layouts for PDF outputs
  • Designed Table styles
  • Created and used ‘Snippets’ – small sections of text that can be written once, and re-used throughout your projects
  • Implemented keyword search terms for online help output
  • Created conditional content so that certain elements only appear in printed output
  • Created custom divs so that examples and other content appear in different ‘boxes’ on the help page
  • Written clear, concise help topics that work as stand-alone content as well as part of a larger help system
  • Worked with developers to integrate Flare’s context-sensitive help system with software products.

I also own my own copy and always invest in technical support, so you don’t need to buy anything if you don’t want to – I can provide the outputs you want. (You will need Flare if you want to be able to edit it though!).

MadCap Advanced Developer for Flare 11

You can be confident that I will deliver high quality work because not only am I a very experienced technical writer, but I’m also a certified MadCap Advanced Developer for Flare 11 (the latest version at the time of writing). What does this mean? It means that I passed a vigorous Flare test, set by MadCap, and produced a sample project that met all of their criteria, which included multiple outputs (I chose PDF and HTML5), links, cross-references, variables, conditional text, the whole shebang. The project I created passed with flying colours too, so just imagine what I can do with your documentation.

MadCap Flare Advanced Developer Certificate

MadCap Flare Training

You will also be glad to know that I have been formally trained to work in MadCap Flare. While I was an employee at Schneider Electric, they paid for training by Matthew Ellison, a certified MadCap Flare trainer. The intensive 3-day course provided a solid foundation in all things Flare.

Can I train your staff? Delivering training is not really my thing, but I can (and do) help clients’ staff to get to grips with Flare. For example, when working for an NHS out of hours service provider, I helped a non-technical author create content in Flare and even use more complex features like conditional text and snippets. This was all done remotely, via email or through Skype. Just as well, because the client’s site was miles away! If you want formal training, I’m not the right man, but if you’d just like someone to be available to help others while also working on your project…well, that’s how I always work.

I am a Flare Fan. So your Project is in Safe Hands.

MadCap Flare is one of my favourite technical authoring tools. It has a wealth of useful authoring features and, because of its single-sourcing capabilities, forces technical authors to work more efficiently. But let’s not forget – creating quality documentation is not just about mastering the tool, it is also about being able to plan and structure content and explain complex information in ways your customers understand. That’s my real specialism, Flare is just the tool I use to deliver that content.

If you are looking for a technical author with MadCap Flare experience and enthusiasm for the software, you know what to do – get in touch. Remember, I cover the Midlands or can work remotely. You can check my availability on the home page.