If your product relates to the monitoring or control of plant, choosing a technical author with SCADA experience may help to speed up your documentation project. There is much commonality between SCADA systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), and other monitoring systems, so having prior knowledge can reduce the learning curve. Luckily for you, I spent the first 16 years of my career as a technical writer documenting Serck Controls’ SCADA software products (SCX 5, SCX 6, ClearSCADA).

So where’s the testimonial? Did I leave Serck Controls under a dark cloud and fail to get a reference? No, not at all. Serck Controls was bought out by Schneider Electric, and I continued to work for them for a while. Then, in 2012, I decided to go freelance, and my first client was, yes, you guessed it, Schneider Electric. So the sentiments in the Schneider Electric testimonial also apply to my many years of writing for Serck Controls.

User Guides, Programming Guides, and Tutorials

As a senior technical author for Serck Controls, I was responsible for documenting several areas of the SCADA software products. These included:

  • Getting Started Guide – A tutorial designed to help new users create a small working system, covering the key concepts and features of ClearSCADA
  • Trends Guide – Operation and configuration information relating to Trends (graphs for current data and historic data)
  • Mimics Guide – Operation and configuration information relating to Mimics (graphical displays that represent plant and show dynamic data)
  • Logic Programming Guide – Information on creating Logic programs to define the behaviour of the system and the relationships between database objects
  • Server Administration Guide – Details on all aspects of configuring the ClearSCADA server(s), including redundancy and historic data storage
  • Server Status Guide – Details of the Server Status features that allow monitoring of server-client communications and settings.

I have included samples of some of these guides (PDF) format:

These guides were aimed at users of varying degrees of experience, from novice users to experienced engineers and system configuration experts. They were originally provided in Microsoft Word format, but as the documentation developed, they were created in FrameMaker and converted to PDF and HTML Help. In 2012, I was responsible for converting the existing help documentation suite (including other technical author’s work as well as my own) into HTML5 using MadCap Flare. Schneider Electric continue to use MadCap Flare today.

Hire Me as your SCADA Software Technical Author

With 16 years’ SCADA software documentation behind me, I am in an excellent position to work on SCADA-related projects. I understand how key features such as historic data, Mimics, and logic work, so will quickly get to grips with your products. Since working for Serck Controls/Schneider Electric, I have also worked on other monitoring systems, and my experience with SCADA has meant I was able to adapt very quickly. That understanding may mean that your documentation project can be completed more quickly than you expected. To find out more, please get in touch with details of your project.