As the song goes: Money, money, money, it’s the root of all evil. Very true, but unfortunately, good deeds don’t pay the bills, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about prices.

Technical Author Prices – Contract Roles

“You’ve got good experience, but what sort of rate are you looking for?” That’s the question pretty much every recruitment agency ask me when they call, so here’s the answer – it depends on the job and location, but in most cases:

Day Rate £320
Hourly Rate £40

Prices correct as of 2014.

Technical Author Prices – Freelance Roles

With freelance technical writing projects, the pricing is based on my time, but how this works out will depend on your requirements.

If you want a fixed price for the job, we will need to agree exactly what needs to be covered and contigency plans should SMEs be unavailable to answer questions. Obviously, I’m undertaking more risk with a fixed price, so have to take that into account too.