Craig Wright – Technical Writer

Craig Wright, Technical Writer and Copywriter

Hi, I’m Craig Wright and I’m a freelance technical writer and director of StrayGoat Writing Services Ltd.

On my site, you’ll find plenty of information about the technical writing services I offer, and and how they can benefit your business. But this page is all about me, and it’s designed to work like a curriculum vitae (resume), where you’ll find out about my education, career, and personality.

You might not care what I am like, as long as I can do the job. But I think it does help to understand what I’m all about, so you can see how I will fit in with your team and processes.

I’ve split the information up into smaller chunks, so you can skip to the parts that interest you:

Technical Writing and Copywriting Career

I am an experienced technical writer and have documented software and hardware (but mostly software). For the first 15 years of my career, I worked as an employed technical writer, documenting SCADA software for Serck Controls (Serck was bought by Schneider Electric). The software was used for remote monitoring and control of technology in the utilities industries, especially water supply/treatment and oil and gas.

For the last few years at Serck/Schneider, I worked part-time and started to build my own business, StrayGoat Copywriting. This focused on creating marketing content, mainly web content, for lots of different businesses. To give myself the necessary grounding,  I completed the Institute of Copywriters training course and also (the more renowned) Succcess Works SEO Copywriting course provided by Heather Lloyd Martin.

In need of a change and a new challenge, I went 100% freelance in 2012. As I was going to focus mainly on technical writing, I changed the business name to StrayGoat Writing Services, and soon began to work on a variety of projects.

Technical Writing Positions 

  • 2017: Freelance Technical Writer at EnergySys. Documented spreadsheet conversion tool
  • 2017: Freelance Technical Writer at Paligo (Paligo). Created basis of Getting Started tutorial.
  • 2017: Freelance Technical Writer at Context Engage (Paligo and Zendesk). Converted Zendesk content into Paligo.
  • 2017: Freelance Technical Writer at Adaptable Tools (Paligo). Documented financial software application.
  • 2016-17: Freelance Technical Writer at Timecode Systems (MadCap Flare). Documented timecode syncrhonisation devices.
  • 2016: Freelance Technical Writer at Watson-Marlow Pumps (MadCap Flare). Converted several manuals into Flare projects.
  • 2016: Freelance Technical Copywriter at 4Energy (MS Word). Created blogs and marketing content for 4Energy’s IoT smart monitoring software.
  • 2015: Contract Technical Author at 4Energy (Atlassian Confluence, MS Word). Documented SmartSet, IoT SaaS.
  • 2015-2017: Freelance Technical Author at EBPCOOH (providers to the NHS) (MadCap Flare). Converted and improved process manuals for healthcare providers.
  • 2014: Contract Technical Author at 4Energy (Atlassian Confluence, MS Word). Documented hardware products and installation processes.
  • 2013: Contract Web Copywriter at Remove My Car (MS Word). Documented agent software and online auction system.
  • 2013: Contract Technical Author at 4Energy (MS Word). Documented assembly process.
  • 2012: Freelance Technical Author at Savantini (Adobe InDesign). Documented STIM pelvic floor strengthening device.
  • 2012: Contract Technical Author at Schneider Electric (Adobe InDesign, MadCap Flare). Documented WITS driver for ClearSCADA and converted FM content into Flare.
  • 1997-2012: Senior Technical Author at Serck Controls/Schneider Electric (Adobe FrameMaker, MS Word, MadCap Flare). Documented ClearSCADA monitoring and control software.

Copywriting Positions


Freelance Technical Copywriter (4Energy). Blog and web marketing content for software.

Freelance Copywriter (Remove My Car). Blog and marketing content for scrap car network.

Freelance Copywriter (Sean Alexander). Web content for stage illusionist.

Freelance Copywriter (Perceptis). Web content for various cycling products.

Freelance Copywriter (Kavoon Studio). Various projects, including marketing for taxi service, jewellers, music channel.

Freelance Copywriter (Sketch2FloorPlan). Web content for floorplan design software.


Technical Writing and Copywriting Qualifications

Unlike a lot of technical writers, I actually studied technical communication at university, straight from school. It wasn’t a career move for me, I actually went into it from the start.

  • BA Hons Technical Communication
  • Fellow of the ISTC
  • Certified Success Works SEO Copywriter (2012, but lifetime VIP member so have lifetime access to the latest training materials)
  • Certified copywriter, Institute of Copywriters 2010

You can find out more on my Qualifications page.

Personality Type – INTJ

I know some companies like prospective employees/contractors to take a personality test, so I thought I would give it a go. I tried using the free personality test at I was half-expecting it to return a ‘VOID’ error, but no, it turns out I do actually have a personality after all. Give it a go and see what sort of personality you have.

The results of my test were:

  • Personality Type: INTJ
  • Introvert: 78%
  • Intuitive: 50%
  • Thinking:25%
  • Judging:33%

According to the theory, this means I have a:

  • Strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion
  • Moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing
  • Moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling
  • Moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving

Apparently, this personality type is fairly rare. Wikipedia has more information on personality types, including INTJ.

That’s the test results, but what am I really like? Well, the introvert part is right. I am introverted and quite happy being alone or in a small group. I’m not so comfortable in larger groups, not only because of my personality, but I have hypersensitive hearing too. That doesn’t make me super-powered like Daredevil, it just means I’m just more sensitive to sounds at either end of the spectrum and have a hard time tuning sounds in and out. It can be hard for me to focus in a noisy environment. I don’t think it entitles me to a disability badge for parking, unfortunately.

Technical Writer Working in a Team

In recent years, I’ve spent more time working alone, from home. But prior to that, I worked as a technical writer in various teams for 18 years, including:

  • Documentation team
  • Software development teams (agile)
  • Hardware development teams
  • Product assembly team
  • Installer team.

Over the years, I’ve met all sorts of characters, and I’ve developed ways of connecting with lots of different workers and SMEs. So don’t worry about my introvert nature – I’m just quiet and humble, not too shy to interact with people. When there are questions that need to be asked, I’ll ask them. When there are conversations going on that I feel I can contribute to, I’ll pipe up. Just don’t expect me to join in with group hugs, high fives, karting days, work dos, and all that palaver. 

“I worked with Craig at 4energy when he was writing documentation for the IoT Platform software for data centers and cabinets. He is a friendly, highly-skilled professional with vast knowledge of technical writing. I recommend him for his work and I would definitely like to work with him again.” – Nasir Siddique, Software Developer.


One of the biggest problems with remote working is that I’m never away from work! But when I do get some time off, these are the things I get up to:

  • Dog walking. I have two rescue dogs and getting them out and about is a daily priority, come rain or shine.
  • Gym. I’m not hardcore, but I go regularly.
  • Football. Just watching these days, as a groin injury and surgery has finished me off.
  • Hiking and biking. I don’t get to do it as much these days, but like to get out when I can.
  • TV. It’s the golden age of TV drama and I’m a box set junkie.
  • Nordic Noir. Films, tv, and books, I love a bit of Scandinavian crime.
  • Gaming. I’ve been a long-time gamer, and sneak in an hour two when I can. You won’t catch me up all night gaming though, I’m not an addict.

So there you have it, nothing that puts my health or your work at too much risk.

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