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Craig Wright

Hi, I'm an experienced technical writer based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK. I have Adobe FrameMaker, Illustrator, and InDesign experience.

If you're using Adobe products and need a technical writer, I'd like to hear from you.

With 20 years' experience as a technical communicator, I have the skills and knowledge to make sure your content works for your business. I know how to figure out what your customers need, and how to present them with that information so that they don't bombard your customer support. I've also used several Adobe products during my career, including Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. If it's e-learning you are looking for, I've also trained to use Adobe Captivate.

  • Adobe FrameMaker (unstructured) - used for 10 years, creating user manuals which were published as PDF and converted to mif and then HTML
  • Adobe InDesign - have used on a small number of projects for creating user guides and tutorials, delivered as PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator - Use quite regularly for creating simple diagrams and graphics
  • Adobe Captivate - Know how to use, but haven't used those skills professionally (to date).

Although I haven't used the structured version of Adobe FrameMaker, I understand the concept of structured text (Paligo uses structured text) and am quite happy to brush up on the subject before starting your project.

The images below show a sample of a document I created in InDesign.

InDesign Technical Writer

I've been trained to use FrameMaker, Captivate, and Illustrator, and I taught myself how to use InDesign (it's not much of a learning curve after using FrameMaker for so long). For these products, I found the courses provided by Armada to be thorough and good value, especially with Captivate as we were able to cover a lot of the advanced features too.

You may have noticed that I've not mentioned RoboHelp, Adobe's help authoring tool. That's because I've never used it! Back in the early 2000s, Adobe stopped supporting RoboHelp and some of their developers left. They went on to create MadCap Flare, which is the main rival to RoboHelp. I ask others how the two compare on a regular basis, and the general consensus is that Flare is better, so I stick with that. By all accounts, they have a lot of similarities, so if you are using RoboHelp, there's not going to be a huge learning curve for me. I've worked with tech authors who were used to RoboHelp and they picked up Flare quickly, so it won't be a problem.