Technical Communication Blog

Welcome to the StrayGoat Technical Communication Blog.

Here, I’ll be posting technical writing advice, opinion pieces, recommendations, and explanations on how to achieve various tasks with different software tools. (The latter of which is going to be a reminder for me as much as anyone else!).

If you find the technical writing advice posts useful, please leave a comment.

MadCap Flare Blog Posts

Here are some MadCap Flare posts:

DITA Blog Posts

Here are some posts about DITA. I rarely post about DITA, as I don't use it, but sometimes post about how to achieve certain things.

XML and XSLT Blog Posts

Here are some posts about XML and XSLT:

Non-Technical Communication Posts

Sometimes, I post things that are nothing to do with tech comm, but people might find useful You'll find those posts here.