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Looking Back at Past Projects

Lots of people in your position think that they need to hire a technical writer with experience of your particular industry. That’s rarely the case. 

A technical writer who has studied technical communication and worked in the field knows how to create information. Just like a journalist knows how to create a news story – they don’t need to be an expert in the subject matter to create effective content. The real skill is in analysing what’s needed and crafting information that meets that need.

The case studies on this page illustrate my point. I worked on SCADA software for 15 years, so had some prior knowledge on two of the projects. But I’d never worked on health devices or in the finance sector before – did it affect my ability to create effective documentation? 

Take a look to find out.


Craig Wright

Craig Wright

Technical Writer

Case Studies of Previous Technical Writing Projects

I've worked on lots of different types of projects, and to give you a feel of what I do, I've put together a few case studies. In these, you'll see how I approached working in industries that were new to me, and how I identified the solutions to each challenge.

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