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A Chat with Dave Lee about MadCap Flare and Tech Comm

Dave Lee is probably the most knowledgable user of MadCap Flare I know - take a look on the Flare forums and you'll…
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Is Your Technical Communication Job Affecting your Health?

Could the way you think when creating technical communication be affecting your health? If you find it difficult to relax, are often anxious,…
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Accordion Menu in MadCap Flare – Part Three

This is Part 3 of a series of posts on how to create the following layout, complete with accordion menu and slide-in drill-down…
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Technical Writer vs Copywriter vs Technical Copywriter

If you're not part of the marketing or documentation world, it's easy to get confused between these three common, but different, writing professions:…
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The Book All Technical Writers Should Read – The Art of Explanation by Lee LeFever

It's not often that I recommend books to other technical communicators, but I've recently finished a book that I think many tech writers…
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“Technical Writing’s Dead, Get into E-Learning”

"I can't believe you are still doing that. Technical writing's dead, get into e-learning." Not my words, but the words of a former…
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Technical Writing Tools – Do You Need to Know Every Tool?

Have you ever felt yourself becoming overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to learn? Join the club. Since quitting the day…
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A Process for Technical Documentation

When you've been a technical author for many years, the process of creating technical communication becomes second-nature. So when a client asked me…
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5 Key Benefits of Topic-Based Documentation

Taking a topic-based approach to your documentation can improve the quality of your manuals and online help, reduce your documentation costs, and make…
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Topic-based documentation

What is Topic-Based Documentation and How do you Write it?

Topic-based documentation is a way of writing documentation in stand-alone chunks, which are usually stored in separate files (or topics). Each topic focuses…
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