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Hardware  Technical Writer - Craig Wright

Craig Wright

Hi, I'm Craig Wright an experienced technical writer based in Derbyshire, UK. I have experience of Atlassian Confluence.

If you need a technical writer with Confluence experience, please get in touch. I worked in Confluence for several years, and as part of my work, I had to:

  • Create templates for pages
  • Add labels
  • Set restrictions
  • Manage spaces
  • Organise content into pages
  • Use excerpts and multi-excerpts for content reuse
  • Create macros
  • Create categories
  • Link content to JIRA tickets
  • Manage the creation-review-release workflow
  • Manage one other technical writer, who had worked in Confluence previously
  • Contribute and edit pages for other areas of the business, which were created by engineers and other non-writers.

Does that all sound familiar? Then click the button below to get in touch. Just let me know what you need and what your timescales are, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. And if you need more than one technical writer with Confluence experience, I can help you find others too. I keep in touch with several authors who know Confluence.

You can find out about my approach to writing wikis on my wiki writer service page.

Hire Me as your Confluence Technical Writer

As I know how to use Confluence, I'll be able to start producing great pages for you immediately. But knowing Confluence isn't where the true value of my service lies. It is my knowledge and experience of technical communication that will benefit you most.

As an experienced and trained technical writer, I can make sure your wiki pages meet the needs of your readers. I've been writing user assistance for 20 years, so I know how to write content that is:

  • Written from the perspective of your customer
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Accurate
  • Easy to search, navigate, and update
  • Guides your customer, so that they learn gradually in a logical sequence
  • Promotes your product, its features, and your brand
  • Helpful and reduces demand on your customer support.
Confluence Wiki TechnIcal Writer in the UK
Confluence Technical Writer in the UK
Confluence TechnIcal Writer in the UK
Confluence TechnIcal Writer in the UK

Let's get cracking with Confluence. Use the button below to get in touch. You never know, if the timing's right, I could be your Confluence technical writer in a matter of days.