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In this series of blog posts, I’m exploring the world of UX writing by completing the Daily UX challenges set by

This post covers the challenge for Day #3.


The user is trying to sign in to their account and has entered an incorrect email address.


Tell the user to enter the right email.
  • 40 characters max

My answer

This one was tight with the character count. I wanted to try and account for two possible reasons for the error:

  • The user has entered the correct email address, but has made a mistake when typing it.
  • The user has entered a different email address than the one they use for this account.

I tried to focus on general wording for the problem – that the app doesn’t recognise the email address. This lets the user know that there is a problem with the email address they have used. So they will be able to check the email address is correct and if it is, they might realise they used a different email address. 

In an ideal world, I’d want the message to be more descriptive, but difficult with this strict character limit.

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