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As a technical writer, I know about creating user-centred content and recently I’ve been doing the Daily UX challenge set by https://www.dailyuxwriting.comWith this series of posts, I’ll present the challenge and how I responded to it. Hopefully, it will show that technical writers are a great choice for UX writing work. Or perhaps you’ll think that I should stick to the long form copy!

Here’s the day 5 (of 15) challenge. (I have completed them all, I’m just a bit behind with posting them here on my site. The rest will come soon.)


The user works in graphic design. While critiquing a design in a mobile app, their phone abruptly turns off. When they restart the phone, they reopen the app.


Write a message that the user will read immediately upon opening the app. What do they need to know? What steps (if any) do they need to take to recover their content? What if they can’t recover the content?

  • Headline: 40 characters max
  • Body: 140 characters max
  • Button(s): 20 characters max

My answer

This one was a little bit tricky as there’s no information about the workflow of the app. I went for “Load save” and “Contact support” on the same screen, but it could quite easily have just been “Load save” on its own. Then, if the user was unable to load a recent save, the app could give them the option to contact support.

I broke my cardinal rule of avoiding exclamation marks here, just because it seemed a little flat without it. For the rest of the copy, my main aim was to reassure the user that although the app had crashed, all of their hard work was not lost (or at least, might not be lost). As a user, that’s going to be the primary concern when restarting an app.  

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Techncial Writer, Craig Wright

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