Frequently Asked Questions (and some Advice)

If you have questions about the technical writing services I offer, you may just find the answers here. If not, get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

I’ve also included some useful information about some technical communication subjects, such as content reuse. These should help you understand some of the work techncial writers can do, and how it affects your costs.

Advice on Technical Communciation

Follow the links for information on various technical communication subjects:

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the more common questions I am asked, and my response:

Q. Are you willing to relocate?

A. No, sorry. I’m quite happy where I am and have no desire to move. Plus, there’s my other half to consider.

Q. Would you consider a permanent job for the right offer?

A. I’ll never say never, but it is unlikely. I like variety in my work and flexibility in when I work. Technical writing is mostly sitting down in front of a screen all day, which is not exactly a healthy work option on a permanent basis.

Q. We’re happy for you to work remotely, but we’d need you to visit our site now and again to get information. Is that okay?

A. Usually, yes. It depends on where you are based, but as long as I can get there and back in a reasonable time, it’s not a problem. We can always discuss it.

Q. We would like you to do a test before hiring you. Are you okay with that?

A. As long as you are paying me for my time, then yes. if you expect me to produce work for nothing on the off-chance that I may be hired for other work later, then no.

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