SMARTset Software

SMARTset is an enterprise-level monitoring and control system, designed primarily for use in data centres. It acts as a central Internet of Things (IoT) platform that connects all of the hardware, software, and systems in a data centre.

SMARTset Connects Everything

With SMARTset, data centre managers can:

  • Monitor and control their entire data centre estate, all from one application
  • Reduce data centre running costs by optimising the layout of their data centre for optimum energy and cooling efficiency
  • Avoid cooling capacity problems
  • Identify hotspots that are inefficient
  • Issue controls to equipment automatically or manually
  • Set up alarms for unwanted conditions
  • Generate and distribute reports.

SMARTset presents information (and other features) on dashboard displays. The displays can contain 'widgets', which are charts, frames, graphs, and other graphical displays, designed to present data 'at a glance'. The dashboards and all of the widgets are customisable and intuitive.

Dashboard in SMARTset

The documentation included in this sample Flare project covers the Alarms and Controls features for SMARTset. In the actual SMARTset online help, a much wider range of features are covered, including configuring SMARTset to connect to hardware devices, using Optimisation models to simulate cooling and power usage, and configuring room layouts.


To view the sample documentation, see: