I’ll explain the benefits of your products in interesting ways


I’ll explain the benefits of your products in interesting ways

Helping your customers to understand the benefits of your technical products

One of the biggest challenges when you sell technical products or services is getting potential customers to understand what you’re offering. You need them to ‘buy in’ to your sales pitch so that you capture their attention and they want to learn more. 

I can help you with that.

Making technical information more accessible

As your technical copywriter, I’ll create content that:

  • Captures the attention of your readers
  • Tells readers how  your products will make their lives easier
  • Answers the question – ‘what’s in it for me?’
  • Explains how your technical products work in simple terms
  • Convinces readers that your products are the best choice.

To learn more about my technical copywriting service, see below or get in touch to discus your project.


Technical copywriting that connects with your customers

 To make sure your content connects with your readers, I craft the words so that they guide the reader through each step of their journey. 

Grabs the reader’s attention

Your readers, like most of us, are busy people. They want information that answers their questions quickly. To make sure your content grabs their attention, I answer their most basic question – ‘what’s in it for me?’.

technical copywriter capture readers attention
Technical writer, user guides, manuals

Explains the benefits

Now we have the reader’s attention, we need to keep them interested. I’ll do this by explaining the range of benefits and encouraging the reader to imagine how their life or work will be better. It’s also important to deal with any objections that the reader may have, such as preconceived ideas about what your product is or what it costs.

Explains how the technology works

Busy people need content that explains things simply, so that they can understand the message quickly.  I’ll make sure your technical products and services are explained in terms that your customers understand. It’s not dumbing down, it is making your content more accessible and easier to read.

technical writer, copywriter
Technical writer, user guides, manuals

Convinces people to choose your products

Your content has to convince your reader that they need your product/service. And it also has to convince them that they should buy it from you. I’ll make sure your content helps the reader and builds trust in your brand, so that they can buy with confidence.

Turn visitors into customers

When I’ve sold the benefits, explained the technology, overcome obstacles, and built trust in your brand, the final step is the call to action. Here, I’ll make sure it is clear that your content tells the reader what to do next. This could be as simple as a clear buy button or a statement that compels the reader to get in touch.


technical copywriter get readers to buy

What customers say:

“Craig has produced quality articles with both a sales and technical slant for a range of our products including bicycle lights and GPS units. He assimilates technical details quickly and recasts them in a way which is informative and useful without patronising the reader. He is easy to work with and delivers to brief and on time. 

Nichola Balmer

Director, Perceptis Limited

Am I the right technical copywriter for you?

If you’re looking for a copywriter who can write clearly and explain complex products in simple terms, I’m a good fit. I’ve spent most of my career working as a technical writer for industrial software, so turning complex info into understandable content is what I do best.


Formal training and memberships

BA Hons Technical Communication

Fellow of the ISTC

Certified SEO copywriter, SEO content institute

I’m not a specialist in any particular technology, but I have a lot of experience with writing about industrial control and monitoring systems and time sync devices. So if you are a software business or create smart IOT products, I’m going to pick that up very quickly. 

Whether you need assistance with a new copywriting project or a helping hand on a project that’s already up and running, I’m happy to help.

technical writer, istc
Technical writer, copywriter
technical writer, madcap flare
technical writer, paligo, madcap flare

Tell me about your copywriting project

If you’re interested in hiring me as your technical copywriter, please get in touch. I am based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and cover the East Midlands and South Yorkshire areas, but work remotely for most clients.

Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

+44 07954141761

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