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Samples of Technical Writing Work

It’s tricky putting a technical writing portfolio together because of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). I know this is a problem other technical writers have too. I’m always looking for more projects to share with you, but for the moment, here are a couple of Flare HTML5 samples and some screenshots of work. Make sure you check out my testimonials and case studies too.

If you’re looking for copywriting examples, see my copywriting page.

Samples of Online Help Content

4Energy Flare HTML5 Sample

This is a sample I created using content from a much larger documentation suite. The original content was created in Atlassian Confluence, but I have repurposed it as Flare HTML5 online help.

To see the sample, click the image.

TimeCode Flare HTML5 Sample

This is a sample of a user guide for a time synchronisation device (made by Timecode Systems).

To see the sample, click the image.

Screenshots from Past Projects

Paligo online help:
Finance industry software

This online help was created in Paligo and the content was also used for PDF outputs. It explains how to use financial software.

Zendesk help articles:
Synchronisation devices

This content was originally written in Flare and then converted into Zendesk articles. The Flare content was also used for PDF.

Paligo API documentation:
Haulage monitoring software

I was hired to create API documentation by a transport company. They needed examples in XML and JSON, so I used Paligo’s ‘stripe’ API layout. What’s great about this layout is that it lets users switch the code examples between different languages.

Paligo online help: Insurance industry software

This help centre is designed to help customers use an insurance claim management system. It explains how to use the hub to upload evidence to cases, add details, and use template sections to save time when setting up forms.

Paligo HTML5 help centre example

Madcap Flare online help:
Health service procedures

This project involved converting and rewriting existing content into a customised Flare output. The client is an out of hours health care provider to the NHS.

MS Word: Fan speed controller install guide

This print manual was created in MS Word. It explains how to install an eController unit. This is a control device for managing fan speeds and alarms.

 Confluence Wiki:
Monitoring and control software

This is documentation for SMARTset software, which is a monitoring and control system used for managing data centre temperatures.

User guide for health device

This print manual was for a pelvic floor strengthening device, aimed at women. The time and budget were tight, hence the lack of visuals.

MadcapFlare Online Help:
SCADA software

This project involved converting content from Adobe FrameMaker into MadCap Flare. I also had to write new content about Schneider Electric’s SCADA system.

Articles for Communicator

I have written articles which were published in the award-winning ISTC journal ‘Communicator’. The articles also appear as posts on my LinkedIn page.

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