Craig Wright, UK Technical Author

Remote Technical Writer

Craig Wright, UK technical writer

Remote Technical Writer

Craig Wright – UK Technical writer and copywriter

Technical Writer, Craig Wright

Struggling to hire a local technical writer? Consider a remote technical writer instead.

If you need a technical writer and you can’t find one locally, what are your options? You could take the risk with hiring a different type of writer, such as a copywriter, but technical writing is a different discipline. It’s unlikely that a copywriter will know about modular content, information typing, single-sourcing, and all the other tech comm ideas that relate to producing content to scale. 

The other option is to hire a remote technical writer. That’s what many of my clients do when they hire me. 

So let’s forget about distance and concentrate on what you need.

I can help you if …

  • You need documentation for your products and services
  • You have documentation, but it isn’t connecting with customers
  • You need someone to take over from another technical writer
  • You need to help customers without the cost of customer support
  • You lack the skills and time to create effective content 
  • You want your documentation to be easier to update
  • You want to appeal to new customers.

I create documentation and copy that can tackle all of these communication problems. 

What you’ll get …

Your customers need documentation that’s easy to search and easy to understand. As your technical writer, I’ll make sure your content meets your customers’ needs, by creating online help, user guides, and web pages that are written from their perspective. It’s not describing your product, it’s explaining how customers can achieve their goals.

I’ve been a technical writer for over 20 years and have worked for large multi-nationals and smaller UK businesses. So I have a wealth of experience to bring to your project, both in software documentation and hardware. 

You can find out more on my services page, or click the images below for info on online help and user guides.

What can you expect from a remote technical writer?

You’re probably a little cautious about hiring a remote technical writer, especially if you usually have all your staff in-house. That’s understandable. But I’ve worked with many companies remotely, and distance has is rarely a problem. In fact, I’m much more productive as with no commuting, I’m brighter, sharper, and happier. 

What you can expect:

  1. I will need a demo. Usually I do this over Skype or Zoom and I record it so that I can refer back to it as needed. For some products and services, it’s better to have a meeting on site at the start of the project.
  2. I’ll need access to  your subject matter experts (SMEs), as there are bound to be questions that crop up as I’m creating the documentation. Email/Phone/Skype is usually enough.
  3. Regular updates about progress and requests to review drafts of content.
  4. Handover of completed documentation (output and original authoring files).

Getting over the fear of hiring a remote technical writer

I understand you might be hesitant about hiring someone who isn’t on site (and in sight), especially if you haven’t worked with them before. So I will try and put your mind at ease. 

Perceived Problem

If you’re working from home, you won’t be working the full day.


I end up giving you some free work. Because not only will I put in the hours required, but if there’s something niggling me or a bit I just want to finish off, I will get it done.

Perceived Problem

You will have more distractions at home.


I have less distractions at home. It’s quiet, there’s no office chit-chat, and I can be far more productive. 

Perceived Problem

How will I know you are working?


The nature of my work means that I have to ask questions, so I will be in touch with your SMEs. You can also see what I have been working on at any time. With a CCMS like Paligo, the software itself provides a record of everything I am doing. And you can always Skype or email me to get in touch.

Perceived Problem

We need you to be in agile stand ups


I’ve done stand ups via Skype before, without any problems. Typically, stand ups are not as useful for tech writers as they are for devs, anyway.

Perceived Problem

You need to be able to interact with the team


I can do that via Skype and email. 

Perceived Problem

You need to be able to see product demos


You might be right. If this can’t be done over Skype, perhaps I can visit your site just for the demo? I’ve done that on other jobs. You just need to allow for the travel time and the nightmare that is the M1.

Perceived Problem

You’ll take up too much of our SMEs time if you are not here in person


Unlikely. I’m aware of your SMEs workload and will arrange suitable times to contact them. I’ll also ‘chunk’ my questions as much as possible so that your SMEs can deal with them all in one fell swoop, rather than bit by bit throughout the day.

Another benefit of hiring me as a remote working techncial writer is that you don’t need to have the physical space for me to work in. You might be surprised at how many clients have said this is an issue for them. So if  you are short of desks and tables, that’s something to consider too. 

And remember – you have the right to cancel! In the unlikely event that things aren’t working out, we will have an agreed cancellation period in our contract, so you can take control.

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