Secure log-in portal for MadCap Flare

If you need a secure log-in, I can help

Secure log-in portal for MadCap Flare

If you need a secure log-in, I can help

Secure your MadCap Flare Help with a Log-In Area

Have you created a stylish help center with MadCap Flare, but now you need to secure it from public view? Then perhaps I can help you out.

As a freelance technical writer, I’ve been in your position many times. Especially with clients who need to protect sensitive information such as client contact details or, in the case of healthcare, patient’s information.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way of implementing a log-in area, not unless you are a web developer or have the time and budget to learn it all from scratch. 

For me, getting in outside help was always going to be the best option. But how do you find developers who can provide what you need, and also understand how Flare works? It took me quite a while to find a company I could trust with my client’s sites, but I managed it – and can now point you in their direction. 

Send Me an Email and I’ll Put You in Touch

If you’re interested in a secure portal that will give you user log-ins, please get in touch. I’ll pass your details on to the company I use, and from there you can handle things for yourself.

The company is a UK-based limited company and I’ve seen their work-first hand. I used them for a project for a healthcare provider to the NHS and they have also worked on projects for some big name companies.

And it’s not just secure log-in areas they can provide. They can also design a website to specific requirements and then set it up to contain your Flare topics.


Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

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