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Craig Wright

Craig Wright

Technical Writer

If your Leeds business needs high quality documentation for your products and services, I can help.

I am a freelance technical writer, and have over 20 years’ experience of creating online help, user guides, help articles, etc. I’m also a qualified SEO copywriter, so can help with marketing content too.

So your technical writing project is going to be in good hands.

Now, I’m not actually based in Leeds, but you’re not all that far away (I’m in Chesterfield). I should be able to work on site when needed.

Let’s crack on and see what I can do for you.

Technical Writing Services

As an experienced technical writer, I create user-friendly content that helps your customers use your products and services. Everything I write is designed to answer their questions and reduce your support costs.

What sort of technical content can I provide? Pretty much anything you need, including online help, user guides, help centre articles, knowledgebase content, and web pages. I’ve worked in software development teams in the past, so can turn my hand to API documentation too.

Wide Range of Writing Services Available


Are you web pages failing to attract customers and struggling on Google? Have you found it difficult to hire copywriters who are comfortable writing about technology? Then I might be just what you need.

Although I specialise in technical writing, I’m also a certified Success Works SEO copywriter. So I’m trained to write marketing content too. As you’d expect, I’ve written about technical products, such as software, but I’ve also written about non-tech products and services.

Find out more on my web copywriter page.

Commuting to Leeds

According to Google, Leeds is about an hour and a half’s drive from where I live. That’s a tad too much for a daily commute, but entirely within reason for occassional visits to Leeds.

With most jobs, there is little need for me to be onsite on a regular basis. Sometimes it is needed for demos, etc., but as long as I can get in touch with your experts, working from home is not a problem. And I’ll get more done without the distractions of the workplace.

In the past, I’ve used Skype and other services to get in touch or attend meetings virtually. It has never been a problem. 

So if you are flexible in terms of where I work, everything’s good. Get in touch and let me know what you need. 

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