Technical writing services

… I offer non-technical writing too

Technical writing services

… I offer non-technical writing too

Giving your customers clear information online and in print

Do you want to provide documentation that connects with your customers? I can help you with that. I provide a range of technical writing services that are all designed to give your customers the information they need, using terms they understand. 

 Find out about my technical writing services below (copywriting too).

Online help

A searchable, standalone website that you can host on a server or provide as local content. It’s responsive too, so customers can use it on smartphones, tablets, or computers. Delivered as HTML5 web content, created in Paligo or MadCap Flare.

User guides

Task-based manuals that allow customers to go straight to the section they need, without having to read ‘earlier’ sections. Delivered as PDF, ready for you to send to the printers or provide as a file. 


Marketing content that promotes the benefits of your products, and explains how they work. Content for brochures, articles, and web pages, written in a more creative style than my technical writing work.


You can help customers and encourage sales by providing interesting articles that are easy to read. I can write ‘How to’ articles, posts about your products and more. (Zendesk, Freshdesk, WordPress, print articles, etc.)


Do you already have content in place, but it’s not quite right? I can edit the content so that it has a more user-centred approach and communicates your ‘message’ more clearly.

UX writing

UX writer

Do you need help making your product more user-friendly? I can write the in-product microcontent, such as option names, on-screen descriptions, and error messages.

Looking for another service?

If you’re looking for a writing service that you can’t see on this page, please ask. There are other services I offer, such as:

I have lots of experience in software documentation and hardware documentation, so can provide you with user-centred content for virtual and physical products. I can also help you to document your processes.

If you’re interested in how I create technical documentation, take a look at my technical writing process page. There, I explain the steps I go through to find out about your business, audience, and products and also the steps for planning and creating your content.

Technical writing training

I don’t provide training as a service, because delivering training requires a different skill set. A good trainer is an engaging speaker, knowledgable in their subject and also with an ability to ‘perform’. As a natural introvert, I don’t have the right personality type for that. But I know people who do, so if you get in touch, I’ll try to point you in the right direction.


What technical authoring tools do I use?

If your technical writing project is already in progress, it makes sense to hire a technical writer who has experience working with your chosen tool. It will reduce the learning curve and mean they can get to work faster.

In my work, I use:

I am aware of DITA principles, but have not worked in DITA on live projects. However, Paligo uses Structured Text based on a customisation of the DocBook schema, so I’m used to the concepts of a map, topics, elements and attributes, etc. 


Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

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