UX writer

Technical writers often do UX writing as a subset of our work

UX writer

Technical writers often do UX writing as a subset of our work

Need a UX writer? 

To make your product user-friendly, you need to make sure its options, features, and error messages are easy to understand. As a technical writer and UX writer, I can help you with that.

To provide you with helpful UX content, I begin by analysing your customers. Who are they? What sort of terms do they use and understand? What tasks do they need to achieve?

From there, I can plan their user journey for each feature and determine why, when, and how they will use it. Then I’ll create microcontent that makes your product as self-explanatory as possible. 

The key principles I follow are:  

  • User-centred content – Focus on what your customers want to achieve
  • Clarity – Use simple, accessible terms that your customers understand
  • Context – The customer needs to understand ‘why’, not just ‘how’
  • Concise – Minimise the amount of words and make sure they are easy to understand at a glance
  • Helpful –  Guide the customer along their journey, from the start of the task to the end, and then on to the next task if appropriate
  • On Brand – Use a tone of voice that matches your company’s brand.

It’s all about making your UX microcontent as concise and helpful as possible. 


What customers say:

"Craig not only made the help docs more readable and useful, but actually fed back into the product itself. There is no doubt that our software is more user-friendly and intuitive as a result of Craig’s consultancy efforts. We highly recommend him."

Jonathan Wolfson

Director, Adaptable Tools

UX writing as a technical writer

If you’ve browsed around my site, you’ll have seen that I’m primarily a technical writer. Yes, that’s different to a UX writer, but UX writing has always been part of my work, especially when I’ve worked in software development teams. It’s easier to suggest improvements than it is to explain a badly designed user interface.

Some of the most common UX content changes I make or suggest are:

  1. Improving error messages (obscure error messages are a real bug-bear of mine)
  2. Replacing technical jargon with plain English (‘invoke’ to ‘action’, for example)
  3. Changing the order of UI elements so that they match the order of the customer’s workflow
  4. Hiding elements of the UI when they are not needed
  5. Adding brief, on-screen descriptions of related options
  6. Labels for physical products so that it is easier for customer’s to identify parts and visualise the workflow.

I can’t stand vague error messages that give the end user no useful information at all.

Better UX writing reassures the end user and helps them.

More than just a UX writer

What if you need a UX writer, but you also need documentation or marketing content? Don’t worry, I can take care of all of it. I’m a trained copywriter as well as an experienced technical writer, so can provide you with a range of writing services.

If you want me to provide UX writing and technical writing and work alongside a copywriter, that’s not a problem either. Just let me know what you need.

Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.


+44 07954141761

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