Wiki technical writer

For when every Tom, Dick, and Harry needs to contribute

Wiki technical writer

For when every Tom, Dick, and Harry needs to contribute

Create better collaborative content with a wiki technical writer

Wiki-style documentation, such as Atlassian Confluence help, is great for collaborative communication. It’s easy to use and allows lots of different people to contribute and share knowledge in your business. But if you’re going to use a wiki to present information externally, you should consider hiring a technical writer.

Because when you present your information to customers, it needs to be accurate, complete, carefully structured, and easy to read. Anything less reflects bad on your business and leads to a poor customer experience.

Hire me as your wiki technical writer, and I’ll make sure your pages connect with customers and make the right impression.

Writing technical documentation in Confluence

I've been a professional technical writer since 1997, and have created user assistance for software, hardware, and business processes. While I have worked more with online help systems, I am no stranger to wikis, and I spent two years using Atlassian Confluence to document a software system. On that project, I used a wide range of Confluence features, so know how to organise content, link articles to JIRA, structure the table of contents, set up related articles, and manage the workspace, permissions, and articles. 

To make your wiki content user-friendly and accessible, I’ll figure out who your audience is, what they need, and what their level of knowledge is. From that position, I can plan and write your content to meet their needs. This approach is very similar to the approach I use for writing online help. The main difference with a wiki is that there’s more expectation for content to be in one article, with less reliance on links to other articles. With online help, topics are often shorter, but there are more of them.

Need a Confluence technical writer? 

If you need more professional content in your wiki, I can help. And it doesn’t matter if you are using a different wiki tool to Confluence – I’ll quickly adapt. In my experience, wiki tools are often far less complicated than the help authoring tools I use, and have similar concepts.

If you haven’t decided on a wiki yet, you might want to consider other options. In my view, wikis are great for collaboration and are really good for in-house communications. If you are only concerned with external content that your customers will use, other tools might be a better option. We can discuss that when you get in touch.

Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

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