Is your company is based in Chesterfield and in need of engaging, accurate, and user-friendly documentation? Then you are in just the right place, because StrayGoat Writing Services provides first-class manuals, user guides, online help, wiki articles, and everything else your customers need to make the most of your products and services.

StrayGoat Writing Services is the business name of Craig Wright, a highly qualified and experienced technical writer in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. If you’re not 100% sure on where that is, the map below should help.

When you began your search for a technical author in Chesterfield, you most likely had some idea of the type of writer you wanted to hire. So let’s see what I bring to the table:

  • Proven track record of creating user-friendly online help and manuals
  • BA Hons in Technical Communication, so I know communication theory as well as how to create documentation
  • Knowledge of various authoring tools, including MadCap Flare, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, MS Word
  • Certified MadCap Flare Advanced Developer (Flare 11)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (FISTC)
  • Tutor for the ISTC
  • Knowledge of technical communication practices – single sourcing, content re-use, content strategy
  • Ability to build relationships with subject matter experts
  • Experience as a technical writer and  Copywriter – I can create marketing content too!
  • I will hit the ground running. I’ve worked in multi-national companies and smaller UK organisations, so know how to get straight to work in various types of environment
  • Useful contacts, including illustrators and web developers
  • Worked in different industries, including cooling, utilities, SCADA software, medical devices, and scrap car disposal
  • Copywriting experience includes web marketing content for a diverse range of businesses
  • Certified Success Works SEO Copywriter
  • Experienced, professional technical writer in Chesterfield, available for freelance or contract work.

Why You Need an Expert Technical Communicator, not a Subject Matter Expert

“Ah, but you’re not an expert in our field” I hear you say. No, I’m not, and that’s the way it should be unless your customers are experts too (in which case, why do they need your documentation?). You see, a skilled technical writer knows how to gather information and present it in a way that makes sense to your customers. To do this, we need to be experts in technical communication, but not experts in your industry. In fact, being an expert can limit our effectiveness – the more we know about a product or service, the more distant we are from your customer’s perspective. And that’s a bad thing, because it is where assumptions start to be made and jargon creeps in. The role of the technical author isn’t to just write down what a subject matter expert tells us – it is to translate that technical information into content that your customers can easily understand.

Think about it like this: Let’s say you wanted to learn about the large hadron collider. There is a paper on the facility written by one of its creators and there is an informed piece on the facility written by a science journalist. Which one do you think is going to be easier to understand? It is the same with your products, only you swap out science journalist for a technical writer.

Hire a Technical Writer in Chesterfield Today

Let’s get the ball rolling on your documentation project. Use the form below to get in touch and I will get back to you a.s.a.p. What things should you mention? To start with, let me know about the type of documentation you need, a rough idea of the amount of documentation or scope of the project, and your time scales.