Freelance Technical Author for Savantini Ltd.

"I am Delighted with All Aspects of Craig's Work"

“We knew our user instructions (IFU’s) were lacking – customers were calling into our helpline asking the same questions over and over again. Originally the IFUs had been written by the developers of the health device, and they understood exactly how it worked but couldn’t convey that in the instructions. We fell into the same trap – as regular users of the Kegel8 pelvic toners we just weren’t ‘seeing’ what our customers were missing. Valuable customer services’ time and energy was being expended in answering the same questions. While we love to help, it’s not good for our businesss when customers struggle to operate our products because the instructions aren’t clear enough. We decided to address these customer questions in a FAQs section online, but realistically a customer should not have to log on to clarify user instructions. Whilst we were receiving 5 star reviews for the product, again and again customers commented that the instructions were not clear enough and were difficult to follow. We knew that we could not ‘limp’ on with our instructions, especially if we were to take our medical devices into a European market.”

“I found Craig through LinkedIn. Initially I was not sure how well a man would be able to describe a female health product, but that was my ignorance! Craig initially rewrote the IFUs for The Kegel8 Tight and Tone. He is thorough and methodical – we call him Craig ‘Why’ – he won’t write an instruction without asking why – it seems so simple now he has done it but it has literally transformed the look and feel of the brand. To date Craig has now completed three other sets of IFUs which have now been translated into German, French, Spanish and Italian.

“I am convinced that because users are finding the Kegel8 machines easier to use, it has improved our customer rating and reviews. Craig manages to detail every facet of the instructions clearly and succinctly. He has created programme tables so that users can choose a programme ‘at a glance’ making the user experience easier and ultimately more effective.I am delighted with all aspects of Craig’s work. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of Craig’s work please feel free contact me directly.” - Stephanie Taylor, Managing Director of Savantini Ltd.

Achievements at Savantini

The Savantini job was an interesting challenge, as I had to convince them that I could write for women and there was also a very limited budget. I succeeded by:

  • Changing the perspective. I focused on what conditions the users wanted to treat, rather than what programmes the Kegel8 has.
  • Using simpler language. I'm not being sexist here - the language in the existing documentation was too technical for anyone other than engineers.
  • Writing in a different style. The old manual was very scientific, dry, and boring. I tried to make it more chatty and informal.
  • Following the user journey, from apprehensions about using a STIM device, through to first time use, and then progressing through the programmes.
    • It wasn't rocket science. I just applied good technical communication practices to identify the audience, and write content specifically for their needs.

Kegel8 Technical Writer