Freelance Technical Writer

Looking to help your customers without spending a fortune on customer support? I can help.

I create help centres, user guides, and web pages that give your customers the answers they need, in terms that they understand. 

Your friendly technical writing specialist

Freelance Technical Writer

Technical Writing Services

Your customers need clear, accessible, and helpful content. Content that answers their questions, explains how things work in clear logical steps, and uses language that they can understand quickly. That’s exactly the type of content I create. (Don’t be fooled by the term technical writer, I don’t work exclusively with technical content).

Online Help

Take your documentation online with a searchable help centre.

User Guides

Professionally written user guides that can be used for print and online.

Content Design

Clear, user centred web content that helps users achieve their goals.

Help Centre Articles

Take your documentation online with a searchable help centre.


Moving to a different content tool? I can convert your legacy content for you.

Web Content

Clear, user centred web content that helps users achieve their goals.

Craig not only made the help docs more readable and useful, but actually fed back into the product itself. There is no doubt that our software is more user-friendly and intuitive as a result of Craig’s consultancy efforts. We highly recommend him.

Jonathan Wolfson

Director, Adaptable Tools

Your content is in safe hands

Am I the right technical writer for your project? Do I have the skills and background you’re looking for? Well, only you can make that decision, but you’ll be glad to know that I’m well trained and have a lot of experience to bring to your project.    

Qualified Technical Writer

I’m a fellow of the ISTC, a certified content designer and copywriter, and also have a BA Hons in Technical Communication. So I know what I’m doing.

XML Structured Content

I’ve worked in Paligo on several projects so know how to write structured content in XML. I’ve written blog posts on Paligo and have worked for Paligo too.

Single Sourcing in Flare

I’m a certified Flare user (v11) and have worked on many Flare projects, including HTML5 help  for healthcare providers and multinational tech companies.

Craig has done an excellent job of refreshing our approach to product manuals. He researched our products and created clear and logically structured technical information, in a style that matches our branding as well as the needs of our end users. Craig produces content that works.

Laura Johnson

Marketing Director, Timecode Systems

How technical am I?

You might be thinking that only someone with technical knowledge could possibly write your content. That’s a common assumption. But think about it this way – if you asked your experts to write content, they would produce information that is 100% accurate. But would it connect with your customers? The problem is they have the “curse of knowledge”. The more they know, the harder it is to understand the learner’s perspective.

As a technical writer, I act as a middle man between your experts and your customers. I’m from a communications background but have worked in tech companies, and have a knack for explaining complex information in simple terms. Just what your customers need.

Let’s talk about your project

If you’re looking for user guides, instruction manuals, or an online help centre, I can help. Get in touch now to discuss your project.

Looking for a mix of technical writing and copywriting (marketing)? I’m a trained copywriter too, so could be the perfect writer for your project.

Tell me about your technical writing or content design project

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