Freelance Technical Writer

Looking to help your customers without spending a fortune on customer support? I can help.

I create help centres, user guides, and web pages that give your customers the answers they need, in terms that they understand. 

Your friendly technical writing specialist

Freelance Technical Writer

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Helpful content that makes life easier 

Your customers need clear, accessible, and helpful content. Content that answers their questions, explains how things work in clear logical steps, and uses language that they can understand quickly.

That's exactly the type of content I'll create for you.

By writing content from the reader's point-of-view, I create help pages and user guides that make life easier for your customers and staff.

Technical writing services

You want content that will help your customers and staff to find answers for themselves? Great. I can help with that. Here are the main technical writing services that I offer. If you’re looking for a different sort of content, just ask.

Online Help

Take your documentation online with an HTML5 help centre. Searchable, user-friendly content that works on mobile, tablets. and computers.

User Guides

Clear, accurate, and user-centred instruction manuals and tutorials. Fresh, modern designs and accessible content.

Help Centre Articles

Are you using Zendesk or a similar customer support centre? I'll make sure your articles are helpful and user-centred.

UX Writing

Need microcopy for your software or app? I'll make sure your content is concise, precise, and helpful.

Content Design

For accessible web pages that are designed to help users achieve their goals. Similar to technical writing, but for non-tech content.

Web Content

Need your website to be easier to understand and more helpful to customers? I'll make your content more user-friendly.

Craig not only made the help docs more readable and useful, but actually fed back into the product itself. There is no doubt that our software is more user-friendly and intuitive as a result of Craig’s consultancy efforts. We highly recommend him.

Jonathan Wolfson

Director, Adaptable Tools

Person reading online help on a mobile phone - freelance technical author

Your content is in safe hands

When you hire a freelance technical writer, you need to be confident that they have the right skills, knowledge, and approach for your project. You need them to know best practices, understand how to explain things in simple language, and have a good grasp of the latest tech comm tools. It also helps if they have the empathy to understand your customers.

I’d like to think I check all of those boxes. With over 20 years’ experience, I have a wealth of experience to bring to your project. I’m familiar with industry-leading tools, such as Flare and Paligo too. 

Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators

Fellow of the ISTC

I keep up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Paligo technical writer

Paligo User

I’m an experienced Paligo user and sometimes work for Paligo.

Madcap Flare Technical Writer

Certified Flare User

I’m an experienced Madcap Flare user and certified for v11.

Freelance content designer and technical author

CDL Trained

Trained by Content Design London.

Craig has done an excellent job of refreshing our approach to product manuals. He researched our products and created clear and logically structured technical information, in a style that matches our branding as well as the needs of our end users. Craig produces content that works.

Laura Johnson

Marketing Director, Timecode Systems

Straygoat writing services - freelance technical writer, UX writer, content designer

Let's talk about your project

If you're interested in hiring me as a freelance technical writer, UX writer, content designer or something else, please get in touch. 

Use the form below or visit the contact page for other ways of getting hold of me. Sorry about the captcha, got to keep the spambots at bay.


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