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Avoid costly mistakes by hiring a qualified and experienced technical writer. Over 20 years’ experience, BA Hons Technical Communication, FISTC.

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Freelance Techncial Writer, Craig Wright

Craig Wright

Craig Wright

Technical Writer

I’ll Help Your Business to Communicate More Effectively

Hello, I’m Craig Wright, an experienced freelance technical writer and copywriter. I can help your business to reduce support and documentation costsappeal to customers, and retain knowledge. 

How? By creating online helpuser guideswiki articleshelp centre articles, and marketing pages that are clear, engaging, and designed to meet your customers’ needs.

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Reduce Your Support Costs with Better Documentation

One of the easiest ways to reduce your customer support costs is to provide excellent documentation.  Clearly written web pages and manuals give your customers the opportunity to find answers for themselves. So there’s much less need to call your support.

As an experienced technical writer, I know how to make sure your online help, manuals, wikis, and help articles are engaging, user-friendly, and helpful.

I use professional authoring tools such as MadCap Flare and Paligo. These ‘single sourcing’ tools make it easier, quicker, and cheaper to update and translate your content.

Experience an online help system for yourself – there are demos on the  portfolio page.

Keep Knowledge in your Business

Documentation is not just about helping your customers. Clear and thorough information can help your business adapt to change more effectively too.

Working closely with your staff, I can write process documentation that helps to:

  • Reduce Risk. Staff leaving your company has less effect, as their working practices are documented.
  • Increase Consistency. I’ll give your staff clear instructions so that they can learn and follow your best practices.
  • Identify problem areas. I’ll shadow your staff and highlight inconsistencies and potential problems.

Appeal to Customers with Engaging Copy

Your visitors want to know how your products and services will make their lives better. To get that message across, you need to have:

  • A USP that makes you stand out from competitors
  • Engaging, benefit-focused content
  • SEO-friendly content, so that you rank well in the search engines.

I can help you with that. Because not only am I a technical writer, but I’m also a Success Works certified SEO copywriter. So I know how to make your content work for visitors and Google.

Why You Should Choose Me

When you hire me, your technical writing project is in safe hands. I’ve been a technical writer since 1997 and have worked for multi-national companies and smaller organisations, so have lots of experience to share. I’ve also studied my craft (BA Hons Technical Communication) and am a fellow of the ISTC, so know best practices.

If you are more interested in hiring me to write promotional content, you’ll be glad to know I’m a certified SEO Success Works copywriter (and VIP lifetime member) and a member of the Pro Copywriters Network.

I’ll use my knowledge and skills to make sure your content:


Is user-friendly, for a better customer experience.




Reduces your support costs.


Keeps knowledge in your business.



Can be viewed on mobile devices.


Is topic-based and designed for re-use.



Is easier to translate and update.


Is designed for your target market.



Boosts your brand.

  • Is user-friendly
  • Reduces demand on your support
  • Retains knowledge in your organisation
  • Can be viewed on smartphones and tablets
  • Takes advantage of topics and content reuse
  • Makes it easier to translate and update in the future
  • Is pitched at the right level for your target market
  • Promotes your brand.

What Clients Say…

I work hard to deliver high quality content and keep my clients happy. And they appreciate my efforts. Here’s what a small sample of them have to say:

Craig combined professionalism with a conversational style in his writing that engaged the reader, often of subject matter that was both complicated and dry, but always managing to make it interesting and accessible.

His ability to converse with technical staff and illicit the finer points of the subject was excellent and combined with his attention to detail meant that nothing was left un-said or ambiguous in the text.

Steve O'Hara

Chief Technical Officer, 4Energy

The help system for ClearSCADA now looks and feels modern and up to date, Craig’s hard work contributed to this.

Paul New

Software Manager, Schneider Electric

Craig not only made the Help docs more readable and useful but actually fed back into the product itself – there is no doubt that the Adaptable Blotter is more user-friendly and intuitive as a result of Craig’s consultancy efforts. We highly recommend him.

Jonathan Wolfson

Director, Adaptable Tools

Craig assimilates technical details quickly and recasts them in a way which is informative and useful without patronising the reader. He is easy to work with and delivers to brief and on time.

Nichola Balmer

Director, Perceptis

Craig is smart, professional and fast working. He immediately understood our style and delivered exactly what we wanted to see on our site. He has intelligence, a sense of humor, curiosity and is extremely friendly – what else do you need?

Marina Riazanska

Marketing and Sales Manager, Kavoon Design Studio

How to Hire Me for your Writing Project

I run on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you tell me about your documentation needs, the sooner I can book your work in. My technical writing projects tend to take weeks or months, so don’t dilly-dally – get in touch using the contact button below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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