Technical writer, Nottingham

I have clients in Nottingham. Will you be next?

Technical writer, Nottingham

I have clients in Nottingham. Will you be next?

Looking for a technical writer in Nottingham?

If you’re based in Nottingham and need a technical author or copywriter, maybe I can help. I’m an experienced technical writer based in the East Midlands, and I provide a range of technical writing and copywriting services.

If any of the following apply to you, get in touch:

  • You need documentation for your products and services
  • You have documentation, but it isn’t connecting with customers
  • You need someone to take over from another technical writer
  • You need to help customers without the cost of customer support
  • You lack the skills and time to create effective content 
  • You want your documentation to be easier to update
  • You need content that will attract new customers.

I create documentation and copy that can tackle all of these communication problems. 

Technical Writing Services

As an experienced technical writer (20+ years), I create content that:

  • Explains how to use your products and services
  • Is easy to search
  • Is clear and easy to understand
  • Is interesting to read, not the stilted sentences you often get with technical writing
  • Is designed to reduce your support costs by giving customers the answers they need, in a format that’s easy to use.

That’s the sort of documentation your customers need and expect. 

Wide Range of Writing Services Available


Hiring a technical writer to write your marketing content might seem a strange idea. And I’d agree with you – techncial writing and copywriting are different skills and need a different approach. But at the same time, it can be difficult to find a copywriter who is comfortable with learning and writing about technology.

The good news is that I am trained as a technical writer and copywriter. I’m also a certified Success Works SEO copywriter and know how to write compelling marketing content. And I’m quite happy writing about technology.

Find out more on my web copywriter page.

Commuting to Nottingham

I am based in Chesterfield, so Nottingham is about 1-1.5 hours away, depending on traffic.  For technical writing jobs in Nottingham, I’d aim to be on site for only part of the week to collect information and then work remotely when writing. I’ve worked this way for companies in Nottingham before, and it has suited all parties well.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch and let me know about your project.

Let's get your content project started. Get in touch and let me know what you need.

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