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Technical Writing Prices

Craig Wright

Technical Writing Prices

Craig Wright – Technical writer and copywriter

Technical Writer, Craig Wright

What does Technical Writing Cost?

When you hire a technical writer, you want to be sure that you’re getting good value for money. A freelance technical writer should be cheaper than paying the full costs of an employed tech writer, but the fees you can expect to pay vary a lot. If you’re in London, expect to pay a premium which could be as much as double the price of a remote worker.

Here are my current prices for technical writing:

  • 100% Remote Work: £300 per day (£37.50 per hour)
  • On Site Work: £350 per day (£43.75 per hour)
  • Fixed Price: Available, but varies depending on the job (see Fixed Prices for Technical Writing, below).

If you’re interested in average freelance/contractor rates, IT Jobs Watch is a good resource.

Approximate Prices for Technical Writing

The price of a project can vary, depending on the amount of content needed, and the complexity of the subject. A rough guide of the costs is shown below.

60-80 Page
User Guide


30-40 Topic


Article /
Blog Post


Copywriting /
Sales Page

£80 per page

These estimated prices are based on the cost of producing the final, approved draft, so include some time for editing. They are also affected by how fast your experts can respond to questions – the longer they take, the more the costs creep up. I encourage experts to respond within 24 hours. 

Fixed Prices for Technical Writing

Like other freelancers, I need to account for an element of risk when quoting a fixed price. I use a buffer of 25% on top of my usual rate, and plan the rate against an average of 4-8 topics per day, depending on complexity. So a fixed rate will usually cost you more, but it does give you a price that you can budget for.

To figure out the price for your project, we’ll need to work together and agree an overall plan for the content that needs to be covered. I’ll ask you about the complexity of certain parts, so that I can estimate how long it will take me to learn about your product or service. We’ll also need to discuss the availability of your subject matter experts, as I will need to ask questions. Another important factor is the stability of your product/service – it is close to being a finished and stable version or is it in a state of continual development?

You Get More than Just the Technical Writing

Clear, engaging content is just one of the things you get for your money. I can also help you to avoid problems that your customers may experience and, in some cases, help you to make your product more user-friendly. I’ve worked in software development and hardware engineering teams, so have picked up a few design tips over the years.

User Testing and Bug Reporting

I’m going to experience your product and service in a very similar way to your customers. As I’m using your product, I may come across things that don’t work correctly or are misleading. Things like the useless error message shown here. I can report these issues and suggest improvements. It’s much better to have me find them than real-life customers.

Training Material

I don’t deliver training, but I can help create training material. In the past, I’ve created tutorials and slideshows, and simple e-learning solutions. 

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