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Hi, I'm an experienced technical writer and web content writer based in Derbyshire, UK.

Improve Rankings and Sales with Persuasive SEO Copywriting

If your business is struggling online, the chances are that your content isn't working. There's many reasons why that could be the case, but the most common problems with content are:

  • It doesn't have the 'signals' that Google and the other search engines look for
  • It is targeting highly-competitive search terms
  • It fails to connect with your audience
  • It doesn't provide enough information
  • It doesn't promote the benefits of what you offer.

These are all problems that I can address and fix, if you hire me as your web copywriter. Although I work mostly as a technical writer, I'm also a trained copywriter - I learned how to write marketing content for the web from one of the best: Heather Lloyd Martin, a well-known US copywriter who runs the renowned Success Works SEO copywriting training course. As a certified Success Works copywriter, and a VIP lifetime member, I know how to craft pages that meet the needs of the search engines and connect with your visitors.

And because I'm a technical writer too, you can be confident that I'm not going to run a mile if your products and services are tech-heavy. I'm used to writing about technology from the end-users' perspective. But that's not to say I only write web content for software and technical products. I've written for a diverse range of businesses, including e-commerce sites, online jewellers, scrap car dealers, nightclubs, and even a stage magician.

If you need a helping hand with your web content, I'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch with me by using the button below. If you'd like a little more information first, you might find the following sections useful:

Informative Blog Posts and Articles

Blog posts and articles are a great way to attract potential customers, improve rankings, and increase awareness of your products. A post that connects with your audience can quickly be shared and before you know it, an article that cost you £150 starts to bring in a wave of potential new leads.

That's the beauty of social media.

But blog posts, just like any other sort of page, can work against you too. A poorly written post reflects badly on your business and can create mistrust, which is the last thing you need when trying to impress new customers.

If you have the budget, it really makes sense to hire a professional web copywriter to craft your content.

To make sure your articles are interesting, persuasive, and work for your business, I will:

  • Research your audience. If you don't know who you are writing for, how can you judge what they want?
  • Research your product, service, and maybe industry too. I need to understand what you are offering to customers/readers, and why it is valuable to them.
  • Write an article that is clear, easy to understand, and delivers your message in a way that appeals to the audience.
  • Format the page so that it has the metadata that Google and the other search engines need (in addition to the content).

Once the article is promoted, it is important to promote it on suitable social media platforms, and I recommend hootsuite for handling that (other services are available).

What can you expect to pay for a good post or article? It depends on how complex your article is going to be. A promotional piece about a product doesn't usually take as much time as an article that discusses events in your industry, so you need to be prepared for a range of prices. I'd say the typical fee for one of my blog posts is around £150 to £200. One thing you should steer clear of is content mills, where people are pricing by the word or offering very low prices. Of course, I would say that wouldn't I? Actually, I'm not trying to deter you from cheaper services - I'm trying to prevent you from wasting your money. Writers who can afford to work for those low, low prices have to churn out copy very quickly, just to make ends meet. That's not how you get quality content. Good writing, whether it is copywriting, journalism, or technical writing, takes time. And time is money, as we all know.

You can see examples of my writing right here, in my own blog. I've also written for the award-winning Communicator magazine, which is the online journal of the ISTC (see below).

Web Copywriter - Article Writer
Web Copywriter - Article Writer
Web Copywriter - Article Writer

Keeping Up-to-Date with SEO Trends

Google regularly releases updates that improve its ability to deliver the most relevant search results. Unfortunately, some of these updates can affect your rankings, especially if you have used crafty methods (black hat) of boosting your page rank. That's why you rarely see pages with lots of repeated keywords as high ranking pages these days - Google's updates have penalised them. Keywords, or rather, keyphrases, are still very important, but overusing them (keyword stuffing) is a no-no.

Can you make your content update-proof? Yes and no. There's no way to guarantee your content won't be affected by an update, but if your content is well-written and is user-friendly, the chances of it being penalised are lower. Google wants to provide its users with good, helpful content, so that's what you need to provide. But you also need to keep an eye on changes in SEO trends, and sites like and sites like moz.com and searchengineland.com are great for that.

How do I keep up to date with SEO trends? Well, as a VIP member of the Success Works copywriting training programme, I have lifetime access to the latest SEO copywriting training.This content is updated regularly to keep track with Google updates. So when you hire me to write your web pages, I prepare by reviewing the latest training content. That way, I know I'm following the current best practices.